How to build resilience: The importance of having the right friends

Episode Summary

We all remember being in high school and dating someone new and thinking that that person was all that mattered. When things went south, where were your friends? They would be the ones to lift your spirit, get you drunk to feel better about the break-up and help you move on. For this short episode of the RESILIENT PEOPLE podcast, I talk about friends and friendships. In my 53 years of being on this earth, I've come to learn that not everyone has their own set of friends outside of their marital or partner relationship. I make an argument in this episode on the importance of having your own friends - especially the kind who have known you for a very long time. Life can change on you at the drop of a hat - in case be through divorce, separation, catastrophe and like in my case where a partner passes away. When these terrible things happen in our lives, we want our really close friends to offer support and pull us out. To help us be resilient. So I talk for a few minutes here about this. The same happens as middle aged adults. We need our really good friends more than ever to help us feel okay. And we need to teach our children the importance of good solid friendships. This episode of REVELATIONS on RESILIENT PEOPLE is all about the importance of maintaining our good friendships to build resilience.

Episode Notes

RESILIENT PEOPLE is hosted by Janet Fanaki and features conversations with EXTRAordinary people from around the world who are admired for their resilience. They have overcome a major challenge, created a purpose from it and now help others to be resilient too. 

The  aim is to show that your negative experience does not need to define you. It can also be a platform to help you find new meaning.  And build a positive and resilient mindset.

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