Resilience explorer Janet Fanaki introduces you to RESILIENT PEOPLE

Episode Summary

Introducing RESILIENT PEOPLE and sharing my own story of resilience.

Episode Notes

I never imagined in my worst nightmares that at 47, my husband would be diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, and that I would lose him by 51. 

My name is Janet Fanaki and during my husband Adam's surgery and treatments, I spent a lot of time people-watching in the waiting room. How were they getting through the day? How do they find strength? 

I started interviewing people who I admired for their resilience and began a blog. Soon I was getting more and more recommendations and strangers started tweeting me their stories. 

RESILIENT PEOPLE became a way to prove that you don't need resources or connections to start a movement. Just the passion to make a change. I interview people around the world who faced adversity, bounced back and now help others be resilient too. 

Join me as I introduce you to the people you wish you always knew, and now do. 

To learn more about me and other resilient people, you can go to the website, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Or, you can email me at