‘Project Me’ with Wellness Expert Sharon Summerfield

Episode Summary

Sharon Summerfield is my guest for this episode of the RESILIENT PEOPLE podcast. She is the founder of the Nourished Executive and counsels clients on dealing with burnout, stress management and building healthy daily rituals. Sharon was once a busy executive assistant and project manager for various engineering firms. She made a pivot to create the Nourished Executive by identifying a need and what was working for her in her own personal wellness journey. After suffering debilitating pain from two accidents, Sharon created ‘Project Me’ and built her own team of experts who helped her to get on the right track. She encourages others to follow the same course. She also credits daily practices like meditation, journaling, incorporating joyful activities and micro changes as ways to build resilience. As she said during our conversation, "We forget how far we've come" as a way to reward ourselves for our small self improvements. Our conversation touches on: burnout, stress management, wellness practices, self-care, support from community and building resilience.

Episode Notes

The RESILIENT PEOPLE podcast is produced and hosted by Janet Fanaki. It features conversations with regular people from around the world who are admired for their resilience. They have experienced a major life challenge, found a purpose from it and now help others to be resilient too. 

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