Welcome to Season 3 of RESILIENT PEOPLE!

Episode Summary

Hello RESILIENT PEOPLE! Welcome to Season 3 of the podcast! I am your host, Janet Fanaki. I am so excited to be back and ready to introduce you to more EXTRAordinary people who are admired for their resilience. But this season - with a twist. You will hear more of the voices of midlife women and how they are reinventing themselves, finding a purpose and moving through this new chapter of their lives with a sense of joy. In this trailer for Season 3 of the RESILIENT PEOPLE podcast, Janet Fanaki explains the exciting new direction that she's taking listeners in. For the first two seasons, we met regular people from around the world who are admired for their resilience. Men and women who have experienced major life challenges, but found a purpose from these events and are inspiring others to be resilient too. As a midlife, single mom I have now found myself looking to other midlife women for guidance and inspiration. So this new season of RESILIENT PEOPLE will be exploring the stories of women who have encountered various challenges and found that this latest chapter is one of the best and most rewarding in their lives. The aim is to show that our lives are always evolving and can be changing for the better. Even in the midlife years. It can also be a platform to help you find new meaning, and build a positive and resilient mindset.

Episode Notes

If you are a midlife woman with a story to tell, or know someone who does, please record a voice memo or type a message and send it to:

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Looking forward to having you along and sharing these stories of resilience. 


Janet Fanaki