HIV activist Susan Mintz: Unapologetically treat yourself

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In this episode of RESILIENT PEOPLE, host Janet Fanaki is joined by longtime contributor, Susan Mintz. They are two widows who talk about the importance of maintaining a positive attitude and how to live a happy life. This is an episode that promises to give a new way of looking at life after loss. It may seem unconventional to get advice about keeping a positive attitude from a widow. But that's exactly what listeners will hear in this episode. I was joined by my friend and longtime contributor to RESILIENT PEOPLE, Susan Mintz, to talk about widow life and how we can all learn to have a positive mindset. Susan lost her husband Jeffrey to AIDS in 1994. Following his passing, she published a book titled Committed To Love, became an outspoken advocate for HIV and AIDS causes, a public speaker and spirited senior. As the host of RESILIENT PEOPLE, I started interviewing folks who are admired for their resilience after my husband's brain cancer diagnosis. In 2020, he passed away at only being 51 years old. In this episode, Susan and I talk about: the importance of having a sense of humour, learning to live on one's own, making lemonade out of lemons, and unapologetically treating yourself - especially on the tough days.

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