Chris DT Gordon: Practicing gratitude

Episode Summary

Practicing gratitude can help in building resilience. After surviving a near amputation from flesh-eating bacteria, Chris DT Gordon developed The Attitude of Gratitude. He shares his experience and thoughts with the host of the RESILIENT PEOPLE podcast Janet Fanaki.

Episode Notes

Chris DT Gordon is a special education teacher, runner, husband, father and a survivor of flesh-eating bacteria. 

When a small scrape to his hand led to months in the hospital and a near amputation, Chris took stock of the important people and things in his life.  

He launched the Scar Bearers podcast and committed to doing something kind for someone everyday. He also developed The Attitude of Gratitude and began preaching the merits of kindness and being grateful to his students, aiming to instill a sense of gratitude in them. 

Chris lives in New Ulm, Minnesota. 

To learn more about Chris DT Gordon, visit his website

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