Agnes Chen of Starlings Community: Healing from childhood trauma

Episode Summary

As Agnes Chen states on the welcome page of her website for Starlings Community, "Children do not get a choice in the kind of home environment they are raised in. But as a community, we have a choice in the kind of community environment that supports them." She started Starlings to address the trauma that children experience while living with parental addictions. Agnes Chen lives in Calgary, is an energetic mom of four, a registered nurse and the creator of Starlings Community. She grew up in the shadow of traumatic parental addiction. As an adult, Agnes recognized the role that an entire community plays in helping children living with traumatic stress to heal. In so many of my conversations with my guests, community comes up as a major factor in a person’s ability to be resilient in the face of adversity. It was the case with my last guest, Chris DT Gordon as well as so many others like Melissa Sheldrick, Jason Fiorotto, Elizabeth Verwey and Matthew Pullan. But what Agnes is telling us is the role that community plays in proactively - and not just reactively - helping someone to build their resilience. Our words and actions matter in helping to build up others.

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