Sherrie Dunlevy: Graduating from grief

Episode Summary

On this episode of the RESILIENT PEOPLE podcast, I welcome Grief Coach Sherrie Dunlevy as my guest. Sherrie is the creator of the Graduating Grief Academy. Her goal is to help people find joy again while living with loss. An innovative group program, her goal is to cycle you through the stages of grief where you come out of the other end with a sense of gratitude, healing and hope. We spoke about: - different forms of grief - how others can support grievers - infant, parental and pet loss - self-care She is a best-selling author, podcast host and public speaker. Early into her marriage, Sherrie and her husband suffered the loss of their infant son Brandon. As she says, "For 13 years following his death, I would describe myself as a mother who was existing, not really living. I was surviving, but I certainly wasn’t thriving." Over time, she experienced additional forms of grief from parental loss to the collective grief we all lived through with the pandemic. As she did the work on herself to get back to finding joy in life again, she wants to impart her wisdom on others who are living with loss and the collateral damage that comes with it.

Episode Notes

For more information on Sherry Dunlevy and the Graduating Grief Academy, click here

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