Katie Clark: A midlife American in Paris

Episode Summary

Bonjour and welcome to RESILIENT PEOPLE. My guest on this episode is Katie Clark - an American in Paris. Katie is 42 years old, from Utah, got married very young, had three children pretty quickly and for the last 16 years has practiced as an emergency room nurse. Like many married couples, she and her husband were going through the motions of life and marriage. Focused on raising children and busy with their careers. As she was approaching her midlife years, Katie felt unhappy with the status quo and looked for ways to make a change. After years of soul searching and discussions with her husband, she filed for divorce earlier this year and months later bought a one-way ticket to Paris. It may not be the part about moving to France that resonates with many, but surely there are many midlife women who question the state of their marriage by the time their children are grown. They wonder, "Is this it?" Katie decided that she wanted more out of life. And so the theme of this episode is all about prioritizing ourselves. To not feel guilty about putting ourselves first, rediscovering who we are and how Katie Clark is doing that in Paris. We spoke about the importance for midlife women to not give up on their dreams, finding joy again, our love of singing, learning to be your own best friend and getting comfortable with being alone and on their own.

Episode Notes

Katie Clark is a travel blogger living in Paris. Learn more about Katie Clark on Instagram at: @theadventuresofnursekatie

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