How to build resilience: Helping those living with grief on Father's Day

Episode Summary

Father's Day is a time when many are missing their dads, husbands and father-like figures who have passed on the most. In this episode of REVELATIONS from RESILIENT PEOPLE, host Janet Fanaki offers tips and takeaways to help those who are grieving through this emotionally-charged day. She offers advice from those who have lived experience to help the many who will be needing support.

Episode Notes

Like any special day in the year, Father’s Day can be happy and terribly sad for many people. Losing one’s dad, husband or father-like figure can make this day very difficult to navigate alone. 

Janet Fanaki, host of the RESILIENT PEOPLE podcast and lead content creator for the RESILIENT PEOPLE blog, lost her 51 year old husband Adam to brain cancer in 2020. Married for 21 years and the father to her two children Isobel and Sam, Father’s Day continues to be a tricky one for her to navigate. 

“The first year without him was really hard,” she says. “The kids and I have had to learn to manage the special days of the year in new ways.”

Janet offers some techniques that have helped her through other trigger days including Valentine's Day and her birthday (which she shared with Adam) along with advice from those with lived experience.

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