Midlife Globetrotter Susan Heinrich: The power of female solo travel

Episode Summary

Susan Heinrich is excited about being middle aged. She is 54 years old, has done solo trips to India and Paris and wants to inspire other midlife women to embrace their lives with the same sense of adventure. She is known as the Midlife Globetrotter on social media and posts about her travels, food and fashion. She doesn't see age as a obstacle but as an opportunity to reinvent ourselves or just get re-aquainted with our passions and interests. As many midlife women can identify, these have likely taken a back seat to parenting, work and being consumed with other priorities. As she says in a blog post, "With my children needing me less, adventure began calling in a new way; I answered the call with a trip to India, a fun and beautiful way to remember who I was, separate from all of the obligations in my life." Her mission doesn't just focus on travel, but to use this point in our lives to start prioritizing ourselves and embracing all of the adventures that come with being a midlife woman.

Episode Notes

If one of your new year's resolutions is to shake up your life, this conversation with Susan may be the nudge you need. Learn more about Susan Heinrich at

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