Leanne Townsend: Embracing midlife changes

Episode Summary

On this episode of the RESILIENT PEOPLE podcast, I welcome my friend Leanne Townsend. A divorce and family lawyer in Toronto. Running a busy law practice, the creator of the Divorcing Well podcast and mom of two adult children - Leanne is a terrific person to have on to talk about midlife issues. We spoke about some big changes that have recently happened in her life. Namely, selling her family home and starting her own law firm. As two midlife women, we talked about: - embracing big life changes and the benefits of changing everything at once - the freedom of letting go - including children in our decisions - how to find a good divorce lawyer - building a solid support system - our mutual appreciation for the TLC show 90 Day Fiancé - and calling this "The Year Of (insert your name here)" as a form of self care

Episode Notes

For this episode of RESILIENT PEOPLE, I was joined by Toronto divorce and family lawyer Leanne Townsend

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