How to die with no regrets

Episode Summary

Back in 2019 I spoke with a woman by the name of Dawn Custode. She loved to sail, travel, spend time helping the causes that she held dear and having fun with loved ones. When we spoke she was dying of colon cancer, a disease that she had lived with for two and a half years. She was spending her remaining days imparting her wisdom on life for the living. And she had some terrific advice such as getting regularly screened for colon cancer, keep adding things to the calendar to look forward to, live with no regrets and be mindful of time because tomorrow is not guaranteed. Dawn believed that much of her resilience came from moving often as a child. She felt that it made her an extrovert and someone who was able to land on her feet and move forward. Perhaps this helped her through her cancer diagnosis too. The ability to look at this challenge and find positive ways to move forward from it. It's a great conversation and I'm so grateful that she shared some time with me. Our talk came at a time when my own husband was living with terminal brain cancer called glioblastoma. Dawn and I both agreed that having conversations like this are helpful and connect us with likeminded people. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.

Episode Notes

RESILIENT PEOPLE is hosted by Janet Fanaki and features conversations with EXTRAordinary people from around the world who are admired for their resilience. They have overcome a major challenge, created a purpose from it and now help others to be resilient too. 

The  aim is to show that your negative experience does not define your future. It can also be a platform to help you find new meaning, to build a positive and resilient mindset.

The guest on this episode is Dawn Custode. She was an Accountant who loved to sail, play games, get together with friends and travel as much as possible. 

She passed away from colon cancer on May 26, 2019.

Dawn and I spoke about her purpose, her message to others to not waste time, focusing on what matters in life, her travels and what she would regret as her life was ending.  

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