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A caregiver almost her entire life, Donna Thomson calls herself a "serial family caregiver". She helped to care for her ailing father who passed away when she was a teenager; has been caring for her 34 year old son who was born with severe cerebral palsy; as well as for her mother for ten years until she passed away at 96 years old. Through these different experiences in caregiving, Donna found a purpose in advocacy work, writing and research with the goal to help caregivers everywhere. In this episode of RESILIENT PEOPLE, we spoke about her purpose, where she gets her resilience from, how caregivers can care better as well as how their support systems can care back for them; and the value in having a good laugh.

Episode Notes

In this episode of RESILIENT PEOPLE, I welcome caregiving expert Donna Thomson.

Through years of being a family caregiver to turning to advocacy work and research in the area, Donna shares a wealth of knowledge and personal experience. 

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