Type 1 Diabetes blogger Caitlin Starr: You are not a label

Episode Summary

For this episode of the RESILIENT PEOPLE podcast, I spoke with Caitlin Starr. Caitlin is a young woman from Toronto who started posting to social media about living life with Type 1 Diabetes. Early into her diagnosis, Caitlin recognized the power of social media in connecting her with others who are living with T1D. Like them, she uses her influence to raise awareness for T1D, how to continue living a normal life with it and the importance of not believing that you are the label of this disease. In this episode of RESILIENT PEOPLE, Caitlin and I spoke about her purpose, where she gets her resilience from, McDonald's food and how to battle ignorance.

Episode Notes

Meet Caitlin Starr. When we spoke for the RESILIENT PEOPLE podcast, she was a high school student in Toronto. Now she’s studying at university in Montreal.

Caitlin is a competitive dancer and skier, intelligent and a vivacious young woman who also happens to be living with Type 1 Diabetes. 

But she is adamant on not being known foremost for her condition. As she says, she is not the label but so much more. 

We spoke about her role models and how she feels about being one to those who don’t have T1D as well as those who do.

This was one of my favourite conversations that was originally done for Youtube. I resurrected it from the archives and reworked it for the RESILIENT PEOPLE podcast. 

For more information on Caitlin Starr, you can find her on Instagram

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