Ann Douglas: What makes midlife so messy?

Episode Summary

Canadian author Ann Douglas has been writing books about parenting for years. Popular guides to help pregnant women and new parents prepare for the exciting and very unpredictable life of parenthood. In her latest book, "Navigating the messy middle: A fiercely honest and wildly encouraging guide for midlife women", Ann Douglas is turning her attention and expert research to helping women through the midlife years. As she said in our conversation, "I am fascinated by human growth and development. Being in the middle chapter of life, I started to wonder what is this life stage and how can I enjoy it?" Having interviewed over 100 women during the pandemic, the book is full of their wisdom and strategies to thrive in midlife through heartfelt, funny, sad and inspiring stories. Ann and I spoke about: - the need for women and society to rewrite the narrative - going beyond negative stereotypes of what it means to be a midlife woman - practicing self-compassion - the importance of building a like-minded community of support - learning from different generations on best practices for living our best lives - the joy that can be found in the midlife years

Episode Notes

In this episode I interview celebrated parenting and now midlife author, Ann Douglas

Her new book, "Navigating the messy middle: A fiercely honest and wildly encouraging guide for midlife women" is out now. 

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