Dietitian Ashley Koff: Better nutrition builds resilience

Episode Summary

Registered Dietitian Ashley Koff is a leading expert in nutrition and creator of The Better Nutrition Program. She is also an author, public speaker, and consultant who lives in the US. Ashley's goal is to ensure that patients and clients are receiving the best knowledge to manage their health through food, lifestyle and supplements. She loves talking about "gut health" and joined me on RESILIENT PEOPLE to discuss its relationship to building resilience. We also spoke about the pandemic and the importance of being kind to ourselves - especially as many of us have "fallen off the wagon"; check-in with our medical practitioners to ensure that we have our mental and physical health the best they can be; ways to pivot to make our health better; and the connection between stress and digestion. Ashley has shared her expertise on shows like "The Doctors" and "The Dr.Oz Show".

Episode Notes

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