Ever wonder what makes people resilient? How some can manage tough times with a great perspective and strong mindset?

RESILIENT PEOPLE is an original podcast hosted by Janet Fanaki. A self-described Resilience Explorer, Janet speaks with regular people from around the world who are admired for their resilience as well as experts in fields like sleep, fitness, education and nutrition.

RESILIENT PEOPLE guests have lived through a major life challenge and found a purpose from it to help others. From forming a charity to writing a book, starting a fundraiser and becoming popular public speakers.

It's the way that they took a negative experience and turned it into something positive that Janet is drawn to and wants to share their journey with listeners.

For season 3 of the podcast, Janet is shifting her focus to stories from midlife women. Counting herself in this group, she is learning from the women who have turned this sometimes scary and lonely time in their lives, to one that is bringing them joy and fulfillment.

Listen to the RESILIENT PEOPLE podcast to get introduced to the people you wish you always knew, and now do.